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My support team are brilliant but when they’re not in my home then I use the marvelous SOL Connect. They call me at certain points during the day to have a bit of a chat and to make sure that I am okay. They remind me to do things such as making sure that my kitchen appliances have been turned off.

Once they couldn’t get in touch with me and before I knew it I had a member of the SOL Connect team at my door just to make sure that I was okay. They not only offer a great service but they are also really nice people.

Ian, SOL Connect Customer
I love having my house to myself at night now as I can watch the football in peace, but I know that SOL Connect are there if I need them.

Having SOL Connect means that I don’t need somebody around all the time and I am becoming more independent. The hub makes me feel safe because I know I can contact the team when I want. It has also saved me money that I can use on other things.

John, SOL Connect Customer
I use SOL Connect, and especially my SOL Connect hub, as a way of having daily contact with people and I love the fact that there is somebody there when I need them, 24 hours a day. All I need to do is contact the SOL Connect team by using my Hub.

Having SOL Connect also gives me a real sense of security knowing that with just a press of a button I can speak to a member of the team. This has helped me feel more settled at home and is playing a part in helping me gain more confidence to do things by myself.

Debbie, SOL Connect Customer