Why use us…

Our technology enables an individual to use their budget in a creative way and achieve the things that matter most to them, whilst offering them a greater degree of independence and increasing their confidence.

We’re a small, dedicated, technology team that have a good understanding and passion for what a good life could look like and a belief in how technology can work to help a person achieve this. The team aren’t only expert in using new technology enabled care but they also came with a breadth of knowledge gained over years in working in SOL, in Support Manager roles, and actually seeing the day to day issues of the people we work for.

We believe that the future of social care lies in a partnership between person centered one to one support and a creative and bespoke technology enabled care package and that’s exactly what we offer people.

The support that we offer is adaptable to so many different individuals. We tailor our bespoke technology to suit each persons specific needs and we make the technology as accessible as we possible can so you don’t need to be a technical wizard to make the most of our unique form of support.