What we offer…

We have people at the centre of everything that we do. Our cutting edge technology enabled care allows us to offer the people we work for a very unique form of support that places empowerment at the heart of their support package. We listen, we adapt and we problem solve to ensure individuals not only get the most from their support but their life.

The support we offer is only made possible by our highly trained and approachable team.  Our team consists of trained social care professionals that can offer around the clock support when a person wants it.

Some of the other things that we offer are:

  • Daily reminders for appointments, routines, staff coming in
  • Social Interaction and day to day conversations
  • Support with medication
  • Support with anxiety and mental health
  • ‘Clocking in and out’ ensuring individual always get the support they require when expected
  • Emergency support with health issues, contacting other professionals or emergency support
  • Monitoring of alerts and alarms
  • Out of hours alarm responders