SOL Connect routinely host demonstrations of the technology enabled care service to let people see how the system works and how it can support them in their life.

When someone expresses an interest in technology enabled care the team are on hand to talk them through the numerous options that are available to them.

1. The person expresses an interest

If someone contacts the team, either by a phone call, email or a chat at an event, the team will organise a demonstration of what SOL Connect can do.

2. The demonstration

The SOL Connect team can either pop out to see the person with a selection of devices, or the person can come along to the SOL office where SOL Connect have  a demonstration room set up.

During the demonstration the team will show the person how different pieces of technology can be used, and the person receiving the demonstration can try the technology for themselves by placing a call to one of the SOL Connect team through one of our Hubs. During the demonstration the team can answer any questions as well as allay any fears the person may have about using a new form of support.

If the person is happy with the demonstration the team can organise a trial of the technology.

3. Trialling SOL Connect technology

The SOL Connect team can pop out to the persons home and install the technology the person selected. There is no obligation to take a SOL Connect package, this trial is purely to see how the person uses SOL Connect.

If you have any questions about SOL Connect, the technology we use or how to arrange a demonstration, get in touch with the team today.