As you know, the work being carried out by the SOL Connect team is now noticed far and wide. As well as working with some of the people supported by SOL, the team are building new partnerships with other supported living providers and local authorities.

The team are working closely with an organisation called Fair Deal in Castlemilk. They have been working with the Fair Deal staff members, the people they work for and their friends and families, to trial remote support after carrying out a number of risk assessments and reviews. So far 4 people from Fair Deal have been using SOL Connect successfully for over 4 months with even more people wanting to try us out.

Fair Deal’s Chief Executive, Ann Marie Docherty, commented “It’s been a great project to be involved with. We have been working in partnership with SOL Connect to redesign night time support for some of the people we work for. The SOL Connect team have been brilliant to work with throughout this process. They have given us a real insight into how technology can enhance a person’s life.”

We also worked in partnership to review all the planning and work which was then used to create the booklet called ‘Finding New Ways to Achieve Positive Outcomes’. This booklet has also been shared across Glasgow promoting the work of SOL Connect.