About us

SOL Connect are technology enabled care specialists based in Central Scotland. We offer advanced remote support through the very latest in technology, nationwide.

We believe the future of social care lies in a partnership between person centered one to one support and a creative and bespoke technology enabled care package.

We work in partnership with the individual to find out what they want their support to look like and tailor our solutions to meet their requirements.

We have a team of experienced practitioners available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to offer around the clock remote support.

  • Promote on-going independence
  • Increase social inclusion and promote personal well-being
  • Make things easy to use with the aid of technology

Some of the assistive technology that we offer includes:

  • SOL Connect hub
  • Medication Dispensers
  • GPS Technology
  • PIR movement sensors
  • Fall Detectors
  • Seizure monitoring sensors
  • Pressure/time sensors
  • Dual Camera systems