Just 23% of adults with living parents polled by YouGov for Trust said they had talked  to their parents about future care arrangements, and a third (34%) have no idea how they would pay for any future care needs.

The figures spike amongst 25 to 35 year olds, with 81% admitting they have never spoken to their parents about later-life care. 39% of this 25 to 35 age group don’t know how they would cover potential care costs, with 1 in 10 believing the Government will foot the bill.

For many it appears future care needs are a taboo topic. More than a third (34%) of those quizzed hadn’t discussed it with their parents because they were embarrassed, thought it would upset them, didn’t think they would want to discuss it, or simply didn’t know how to broach the subject. Even amongst those aged 55 and over with living parents, the conversation had never arisen for a third of those polled (33%).

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When asked what care arrangements they might make for parents as they get older over a quarter (28%) had no idea, while more than a third (35%) expected their parents to either go into a residential home or receive regular professional care support in their own home.