Out of Hours Responder Service

As well as offering bespoke remote support we also offer an out of hours ‘responder service’.

The out of hours emergency response that we offer to our customers is available from the hours of 9pm – 9am daily. We offer a small pool of responders who are available to respond to a variety of situations. We’re a person centred organisation and we make a point of getting to know you, and the support you want, so you can have confidence in our team when you need to call on us.

Our response to a situations is based on a persons support needs. There are many situations that we are able to respond to remotely, however there will always be certain situations in which a physical response is the only option. In these instances we can either send our own responder or if you would prefer contact an allocated person of your own.

  • Support the initial planning and risk enablement process
  • Carry out home and environmental assessments
  • Provide daily/weekly/monthly reports on SOL Connect involvement
  • Attend reviews and offer advice
  • Monitor and maintain SOL Connect equipment
  • Provide training to staff and families on any equipment provided by SOL Connect
  • Arrange introductions of the responders so you know who to expect when you call for support

Get in touch

If you would like more information about our out of hours ‘responder service’ please get in touch with us.

You can either use our contact form

e-mail us at info@sol-connect.org

or call 01698 314026